OMOA Designs was founded by Jess in the early 2017. Starting with small projects, she quickly developed a passion for her work. Amidst sleepless nights and fueled by caffeine, Jess seized the opportunity to improve her skills by pursuing a Master's degree at Cardiff University, specializing in Sustainable Mega Buildings. Consequently, by late 2017, OMOA Designs paused new project intake.

New Title, Deeper Knowledge, Getting Into The World of Idealism, Confidence Dropped.

"The more you know, and the more you see the world, the realisation of how

little we know about the new innovations and technology emerging in the world, you get humbled"


Motivated by a desire to learn and a strong sense of purpose, Jess sought opportunities to apply her skills effectively. Starting in a Singaporean company in Jakarta, she hoped to contribute meaningfully, but faced technology constraints. Transitioning to a German Interior Design firm proved fruitful, enriching her knowledge and paving the way for the revival of OMOA Designs.

As of late 2019, OMOA Designs resumed operations, with a renewed focus on residential and small-scale buildings.


est. 2019


During the onset of the pandemic, several of our projects faced delays or had to be halted due to regulatory measures. However, we learned to adapt by focusing on consultations, small-scale interior renovations, and branding/graphic design. Despite the challenges, we thrived, exploring new areas of expertise and transitioning smoothly to remote work. Our team's passion for design drove us forward, and virtual events and Zoom calls kept us connected and productive.


OMOA Designs offers a comprehensive range of services, including Architectural Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, and Branding services.


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